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To all of my fellow Kids Ministry Leaders and to parents – or to anyone who will influence a kid or teen this week,

Hi there, I’m Sally. I’m from QB Kids and their families. I am so excited to announce an upcoming event!

The QB Kids and their Families team want to help equip you as leaders of children. We know that in order to raise a generation, it takes a whole lot of investment and influence – time after time – week after week.

We want to help you impact families and influence kids for the gospel.

We know that we have on average, 936 weeks from birth until a kid graduates, and we want to leverage all of the opportunities we get, and help grow them into authentic disciples of Jesus. We have an opportunity to show up, to impact and to influence not just an entire generation, but individual kids. Kids that are made in God’s image. Kids that matter to God.

We know that you’re busy – but kids aren’t kids forever, and we can’t afford to miss these opportunities. So don’t miss this.

We are hosting an event. Michael Chanley, from South East Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, and Director of  CMConnect Global is here in Australia during August, and we would LOVE you to come along and hear him speak on family discipleship. How to leverage those opportunities to impact kids for their futures. (Earlier this year I saw him in Louisville, and am SO excited he’s coming here!)

It’s a free event – we want as many people as possible to come. Come along, bring your team if you want, and be blessed and equipped to influence lives for the sake of the gospel – while we’ve got time.


Sally Contessi

Team Leader

QB Kids and their Families