QBKids[image url=”http://kids.qb.org.au/wp-content/uploads/qb_kids_logo_colour.jpg” raw=”true” alignment=”left” margin_left=”0″ margin_right=”10″ margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”-4″ border=”smallBorder” shadow=”1″ width=”120″ height=”120″]A free resource available to you that outlines the ABC’s of starting a children’s ministry! Simply email qbkids@qb.com.au for your free copy!

A booklet resource that helps you get started with your local children’s ministry. It’s for free and it’s for you!


Includes and covers topics such as:

[ul style=”6″] [li]Where do I start?![/li] [li]Leadership[/li] [li]Vision: what is it and where do I get one?[/li] [li]Team building and recruitment[/li] [li]Picking programs and choosing curriculums[/li] [li]Putting it all together![/li] [li]Teaching a Bible Story[/li] [li]Discipleship with kids[/li] [li]Praise and Worship: how and why?[/li] [li]Child Safety[/li] [li]Partnering with your church family![/li] [/ul]


Post date: 04/06/2014Post Author: Sally Foord