QB Kids and their families is headed by Team Leader Sally Foord. 

OUR VISION: To see Queensland Baptist children’s ministry leaders advocated for, supported by their churches and fully empowered and equipped to partner with their church and families to transform children into passionate disciples of Jesus Christ. 


[ul style=”6″] [li]Gospel/Christ Centered [/li] [li]Supportive to local churches[/li] [li]Equipping to families[/li] [li]Advocates for children[/li] [li]Up to date and informed of current society research[/li] [li]Child Safety Advocates[/li] [li]Culturally relevant to children[/li] [li]Empowering to leaders [/li] [/ul]


[ul style=”6″] [li]Raise the profile of children and families in local church communities[/li] [li]Build networks that provide encouragement and support for children’s ministry leaders[/li] [li]Provide a voice on behalf of children so that people develop a heart for children in their church, town and around the world [/li] [li]Encourage training opportunities[/li] [li]Ensure leaders in local churches have access to best resources for ministry [/li] [li]Partner with QB board, regional consultants, QB ministry team & local church pastors to advocate for children’s ministry[/li] [li]Partner with other children’s ministry networks and organisations outside of QB [/li] [li]Stay informed on current trends in society to do with families[/li] [li]Assist local churches running events where possible[/li] [/ul]