Everyday Disciple Resource for Kids

Everyday Disciple Resource for Kids

In 2023, a group of QB leaders went away on retreat to consider how QB Services could assist our churches to make disciples in 2024. We shared what had helped us become disciples of Jesus and narrowed it down to four main things: studying Scripture, developing our closeness to and dependence on Jesus, serving in community, and being active in making disciples. Out of this QB has released the Everyday Disciple Series that includes families and children’s specific resources.

These Everyday Disciple Kids Resources developed by QB are resources are designed to be used in kid’s programs and/or for families. This 6-week program aligns with the sermon series with the following themes:

  1. Counting the Cost = Following Jesus
  2. Immersed in Scripture = God’s Word, The Bible
  3. Serving in Community = We are a Village, We need each other
  4. Intimacy with God = Growing Closer to God (Prayer)
  5. Striving to Multiply = Telling Others About Jesus
  6. Finishing Well = Keep Running the Race

The resource is broken down into 5 main sections: Gather, Read, Chat, Do and Pray. There are also bonus Family resources to send home.

The resource is adaptable for both Classroom and Large-Group/Small-Group style programs. For Classroom style programs, the children would be in their smaller group for all 5 sections of the program. For Large-Group/Small-Group Programs, we recommend the Gather and Read component would be done in the Large Group time and the rest of the time would be in small groups. The resource is flexible however and could be easily adapted for any kids’ ministry environment.

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