FREE Family Devotions for your church family!

FREE Family Devotions for your church family!

If you want to encourage families in your church or community to be investing int heir child’s spiritual lives, here is a way to do it effectively! It is a fact that the biggest and most effective influence in a child’s spiritual life is their parents. So if you want to be reaching kids and families for more than just the hour you see them each week, here is a way you can do it FOR FREE!

We all want to be able to reach kids for Jesus the best way we can – but we know that in order to make a REAL difference, we need to see whole families worshipping God together, and spending time with Jesus together as a family. It’s tough trying to equip parents, especially when they aren’t sure how to start these sorts of spiritual conversations, so HERE is a really simple way to help them. Email out FREE family devotions for them to do each week – from SPLINK!

Splink is a simple way to link your family together spiritually. Through FREE weekly emails packed with ideas, Splink helps you and your family engage in conversation. Whether it’s making memories or having fun together, Splink allows you to capture those teachable moments to impress spiritual truths and life lessons on your kids. No matter where you are, there’s always time to Splink!

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Post date: 01/09/2014Post Author: Sally Contessi