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  1. It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS

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    It is that time of year again! Maybe you’re SUPER EXCITED! Maybe you just groaned because you can’t face another year of mayhem. Maybe you’re panicking because you can’t believe it’s here already! Maybe you’re apprehensive as to what you will possibly do that’s different this year- whatever you feel, look no further. We have ideas for you!

    If you’re like me, Christmas carols are sung in the car at the top of your lungs, all year around. Decorations are up as soon as the first signs in Coles and the presents are wrapped and sitting under the tree by November! I LOVE Christmas! I get as excited at this time of year as… well… a kid at Christmas!

    But maybe you’re a bit nervous about what you’ll possibly come up with this year for your kids. It can be a bit daunting trying to come up with new, exciting ideas every year. But! Never fear! Be encouraged! Because here’s the truth: We aren’t meant to make Christmas exciting! (I know – just go with me here!)

    The Christmas story, in essence, is the Gospel. Our Creator, despite our sin, sent His Son, to save us. And every year we get an excuse to shout to the world JESUS IS REAL AND HE WANTS TO SAVE YOU! If you’re excited about preaching THAT this year- then you won’t need to pull your hair out trying to come up with new fun things to make Christmas great. It already IS great, we just need to stress less about making the perfect program and focus ourselves more on spreading the good news of Jesus 🙂

    Here are some GREAT resources you can access to help make your kids ministry a gospel-centered one this year. Forget about hot glue guns, snowflake making, wise men costumes, angel wings and donkey masks unless you can show your kids the real reason behind why we celebrate this time of year. We are going to point these kids to Jesus!

    Below are some great links to resources that will help you make your kids ministry all about JESUS this Christmas…

    What’s In The Bible with Buck Denver – Christmas Resources
    What’s in The Bible with Buck Denver – Christmas Short Videos
    The Gospel Project for Kids – Christmas Downloadable Lessons

    Here is a sneak peek at some of the great Christmas videos at What’s In the Bible (whatsinthebible.com)

    Footnotes: If you would like more Christmas resources for FREE or would like some more information or even just want help accessing these ones, please email qbkids@qb.com.au today!

    Post date: 17/11/2014Post Author: Sally Contessi